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We live in a world that runs at the speed of light, we follow a frenetic rhythm, concentrated in our day to day…. But in a few weeks all this has changed, life, that of everyone, has suffered a tremendous blow. Our lives remained on standby…. We use technology to not lose contact with our loved ones but ... what if we go a step further? What if we shared it with those who are in the same situation in other parts of our country or in other parts of the world? For this reason, we are looking for real testimonies of this quarantine, amateur videos where you can share your day by day through the images of your mobile phones, tablets, cameras, personal opinions, your most difficult moments or the funniest moments in the family. The most important and personal moments during the time of this unusual quarantine, what you see from your windows. We want to accompany you to work or while you shop. We are dealing with an epidemic that has tested each of us. The goal is to create, with the contribution of all, a document that will leave traces of this event never experienced by our generations. Do you want to contribute?

Each video will be personal, let your imagination fly !!!  


Send your videos to together with the completed and signed release form downloadable from HERE